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A little more about SupplyESChange.

SupplyESChange was founded by Kate Larsen, who has worked over 15 years on Supply Chains Environmental and Social (labour standards) Responsible Sourcing in roles such as Director Responsible Sourcing in corporates, advising in leading consultancies, and advocating and inputting to policy. 

Kate is a Chinese mandarin speaker who lived and worked in China and Hong Kong many years covering Asia supply chain, and co-developing global strategy, policy and programmes in business. 


BBC World News TV and radio features 2020, and early 2021. 

Kate was featured on the BBC world service, BBC world news and BBC business reports radio and tv giving insights from her time dealing with forced labour risk in supply chains.

Kate and team have considerable experience training on Responsible Sourcing to manage Environmental and Social (labour) standards risks and opportunities, supply chain modern slavery risk management, and training to Suppliers and buyer/corporate teams.

SupplyESChange look forward to hearing where your business needs help. You can email us at kate at SupplyESChange dot com. 


"Kate is a leader in the industry of human rights and sustainability.
I had the pleasure of getting to know Kate on a brand collaboration project 5 years ago and was so impressed with her passion and expertise in human rights.
Over the years I have connect with Kate on industry questions and sought her expertise.
What sets Kate apart is ... she seeks out the details and is always looking for solutions and a better way. It is this perspective that is so refreshing in this type of work. I look forward to working with Kate further as she taught me so much."

For UK Supply Chain modern slavery risks (in manufacturing, warehouses, logistics, construction, cleaning, and more) SupplyESChange encourage companies to learn about, promote and support the UK Modern Slavery helpline by UK Charity Unseen.