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Hear SupplyESChange Founder speak on the Federated Hermes Investment podcast on ESG of Sustainability in Fashion post COVID (July 2020):

As a follow-up note, this Podcast was recorded prior to the listed Fashion player Boohoo suffering a 40%+ stock price crash after allegations they responded poorly to risk of modern slavery and labour exploitation in Leicester UK garment supply chains where poor safety and hygiene lead to a COVID outbreak. 

The Financial Times (FT) highlighted that some ESG ratings had rated Boohoo well, whilst Boohoo was rated poorly by the Fashion Revolution Transparency Index, which Kate contributed to the questions for over the years.


of SupplyESChange Founder Kate Larsen’s 15 plus years work on supply chains Environmental and Social standards, including living and working in China and Asia, and in ESG Advisory and Training for Finance in London….

“Kate is a leader in the industry of human rights and sustainability.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Kate on a brand collaboration project 5 years ago and was so impressed with her passion and expertise in human rights.
Over the years I have connect with Kate on industry questions and sought her expertise.

What sets Kate apart is … she seeks out the details and is always looking for solutions and a better way. It is this perspective that is so refreshing in this type of work.
I look forward to working with Kate further as she taught me so much.”

NicoleBassett The Renewal Workshop Circular Solutions for Sustainability
Nicole Bassett
Co-Founder "The Renewal Workshop",
Principal The Sustainability Review,
former Responsibility Manager Patagonia