Spoke on BBC on Forced Labour in Supply Chains and What Companies can Do

BBC new report out today documenting more Forced Labour of 100,000s of Uyghur people in China Supply Chains

The BBC released news today about their investigation and a new report.

This documents the forced labour of 100,000s of Uyghur people in cotton picking in China, as well as the building of many new factories on the sides of prison like “re-education” camps in the Xinjiang region west of China.

The article indicates that the lucrative practise may be increasing of sending Uyghur people from re-education camps to factories, or requiring them under heavy duress to take up cotton picking work. 

What can Business do?

I made a quick podcast (here) about the new laws and the issue

Under USA law, imports of goods made under conditions of Forced Labor are banned, and US Customs has in 2020 been increasing their issuing of “Withhold Release Orders” (WROs) whereby goods which are alleged made by forced labour have been seized. 

So this issue is a real business continuity in supply chains concern.

In the Podcast we discuss the issue and what business can do. 

We hope this helps many.

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Here’s our Podcast (9 minutes 32) discussing what Business Can Do:



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