FACTS Initiative fo Freedoms Funder

Thank you for your interest to join us and help the FACTS (Fair Work Accountability Collaboration for Transparent Supply Chains) Initiative.

We are glad you interested to consider supporting the FACTS Initiative (through it’s UK or USA non-profit partners as appropriate) in your support for Human Rights, and Social Impact, SDGs, for which rights are crucial.

You support can help us show and cause more firms to deliver transparency, take Leadership and Do the Right Thing as we influence, publicise and reward efforts to cause Freedoms and safety for some of the most vulnerable people globally. We aim to track actual Social Impacts on the ground as much as we may be able to. Our teams have worked on the ground with workers in sites in China, across Asia and around the world,…for leading brands and non-profits.

We look forward to hearing from you and giving you more insights into our backgrounds and work.

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