ESG of Supply Chains Forced Labour and China

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ESG Investment Forced Labour Risk in China and other Supply Chains.

  • Learn how to analyse and engage companies to assess whether they are ahead of these risks, and causing positive social impacts.

  • Gain Insights into emerging risks.

  • Get up to date on emerging legislation for how Companies need to upgrade their supply chains Environmental and Social (labour) efforts.

  • Understand what stakeholders expect and why.

  • Understand what’s expected on China. 

  • Improve your ESG Analysis and Engagement based on cutting-edge insights from experienced professionals.

Course Leader: Kate Larsen

  • 17+ years ESG Environmental Social in Supply Chains experience in Brands, Consulting, Advisory, Training. 

  • Chinese speaker;  worked 11 years in China, Hong Kong. 

  • Trains Investment teams in understanding supply chain labour standards risks, regulation, responsibilities.

Featured Federated Hermes Investment podcast, PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) Conference, BBC World and Business news, VOGUE Business, Apparel Insider, Drapers and Innovation Forum Sustainable Fashion conferences, etc.