Thanks for your interest to help the FACTS (Fair Work Accountability Collaboration for Transparent Supply Chains) Initiative

A few volunteered, home/internet based hours of your time to support this pro-bono initiative, can help pull together data showing which companies need to speak up more for the most vulnerable workers in forced labour in supply chains, such as Uighur in China factories unable to social distance to protect from Corona Virus or return home to or contact loved ones. Thanks for your details and we’ll be in touch about how you can help.

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For now, you can help straight away:

1. Read, Learn, Share: 

2. Sign, Support, Share: 

Still not convinced this Corona Virus COVID-19 is serious?

Here is a note from one of our Chinese Associates team, who is originally from the city of Wuhan. She and family are well as they followed advice and went into self-isolation (stay home) early. 

Others didn’t…

Let’s learn and stay home as much as we can, wash hands with soap often and thoroughly to #StopTheSpread and thereby help #FlattenTheCurve of stress on national health services so they can cope and save more lives and health. 


Let’s made efforts with FACTS to influence companies to cause Suppliers to support their most vulnerable workers better, by ending forced labour modern slavery.