FACTS ESG Invest Sponsor

Thank you for your interest to join us and help the FACTS (Fair Work Accountability Collaboration for Transparent Supply Chains) Initiative.

We are glad you interested to consider sponsorship of the FACTS Initiative (through it’s UK or USA non-profit partners as aprropriate) to show your business commitment to Human Rights and ESG (Environmental Social Governance) for which rights are crucial.

This may be a Unique Opportunity for your firm to lead in improving you ESG Social data on business human rights due diligence and supply chains risk and social impact efforts.  Better data can not only inform investment decisions, but also support better engagement for ESG performance.

You involvement can also show your firm’s Leadership to Do the Right Thing in influencing and rewarding efforts to cause Freedoms and safety for some of the most vulnerable people globally.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing partnership.

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